MFC is your ultimate family cinema

MFC app connects your personal media files and your TV by collecting various media information for you.

Thoughtful features and user guide

MFC app provides friendly player and information matching features.
Guides you carefully about how to use it.



Easier than you think

Cloud importing

MFC provides a interface for you to import your cloud, and your personal media can be recognized automatically.

Intelligent matching

MFC collects and matches all the media information (trailer\storyline\director\casting and so on) with your personal media file on cloud.

Smoothly play

MFC puts an effort to improve your playing experience by subtitle correction, multi-device compatibility and so on.

The Best collection of information

Let Data Speak!

In every munite, more and more data is being uploaded to our severs. The information library is becoming stronger like never before.


Media information


Collected subtitles


Stars and directors

The Cloud We support

Help you to manage your personal resources more efficiently.

Start with MFC!

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The important message you should know

My Family Cinema (MFC) is a personal media file management and player software, we do not provide any media content for users, it means all the media contents should be uploaded by users and MFC does not provide any support for all the illegal media contents.